Parents of Teen Killed by Deputy Sue

Posted 2 years ago

By Scott Carlson

Andy Lopez

Andy Lopez

(AP) — The parents of a Northern California teen fatally shot by a sheriff’s deputy have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit.

The parents of 13-year-old Andy Lopez alleged in their lawsuit filed in San Francisco federal court on Monday that Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputy Erick Gelhaus wrongfully shot the teen on Oct. 22 in a modest Santa Rosa neighborhood. The lawsuit says that Gelhaus and the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department deprived Lopez of his civil rights and seeks unspecified damages.

Investigators have said the deputy opened fire after Lopez refused orders to drop a toy assault rifle he was carrying. The lawsuit and the parents’ attorney called Gelhaus’ actions “super reckless” and alleged that the teen was a victim of police abuse.

Attorneys for Gelhaus and the county didn’t return phone calls Monday.

  • rowdy1

    That didn’t take them long. Less than 2 weeks. They should be sued, for ruining these cop’s lives.

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  • shady

    my question is could the cop tell that it was a “toy” or not some of them you cant tell the diffents so i can see it from the cops point of veiw to not sure what to think on this one

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    • seriously!

      I think that you can go to the toy section at the store or look at the airsoft guns and answer your question. These “toys” are far to realistic and any markings to make them appear like toys can be easily manipulated to make them look just like the firearm they replicate. I truly feel for these cops and the tough decision they had to make and nobody should be put in this position. A bad situation but preventable and in my opinion as quickly as these parents sued these cops I doubt there priorities were to teach this kid wrong and right. Poor taste on their part as I am sure what ever money this agency throws at them to make them go away will never bring their boy back.

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