Former Nebraska Dog Breeder Gets Probation

Posted 2 years ago

By Scott Carlson

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(AP) — A former Malcolm dog breeder has received two years of probation and been banned from owning dogs while serving that sentence.

According to court records, Julia Hudson was sentenced on Friday. Hudson pleaded no contest in September to a misdemeanor charge of cruel neglect.

Authorities say state regulators discovered 62 dogs and 13 puppies in her care that were living in squalid conditions, with their cages crusted in feces in urine. Inspectors with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture say many of the dogs lacked shelter, and water left for them outside had frozen.

Most of the dogs were turned over to animal rescue groups.

  • c’mon man

    Probation is WAY to good for that POS.

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  • Seriously

    They should stop her from ever owning a pet.

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  • meanoldwoman

    They should have made her live in the same conditions as the animals for the two years probation.

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  • This Makes me sick

    I bet when she’s off probation she’s gonna be back to the puppy mill breeding…this makes me sick

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