Death Certificate Ordered for Missing Neb. Student

Tyler "Ty" Thomas

Tyler “Ty” Thomas

(AP) — A judge has ordered a death certificate issued for Tyler “Ty” Thomas, a Peru State College student who disappeared nearly three years ago after encountering a fellow student now serving prison time for raping another teen.

Thomas was 19 when she disappeared after leaving a party. Authorities say Joshua Keadle told them he and Thomas had sex in his vehicle the night she disappeared. Keadle later told investigators that Thomas threatened to report he had raped her.

Keadle is serving is serving 15 to 20 years for the 2008 rape of a 15-year-old Fremont girl. He has not been charged in Thomas’ disappearance.

Thomas’ mother is suing state college officials and Keadle for wrongful death. Attorney Vince Powers says the death certificate is necessary for the lawsuit to proceed.

  • Suing is not the answer

    What does the state college officials have to do with this? She was the one out drinking and partying and the one that got into the car with Keadle – does the mother think that the state college officials shoved her daughter into the party and into the car? Get real people. This is just shut a damn sue happy world anymore. And suing someone is not going to bring your daughter back. Sorry you have to suffer this loss but come on lady think about what you are doing! Stupid people anyway.

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    • Ralph Mouth

      So much compassion

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  • shut up

    suing is the american way……… re

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