Nebraskans Providing Christmas Trees Overseas

Christmas-scene(AP) — The people behind Trees-4-Branches are already hard at work to make sure some U.S. troops will have a Christmas tree at their overseas outposts this year.

The group was founded in 2008 by a Hastings couple, Dave and Dee Koehler, and a veteran of Desert Storm, Jeff Hankins. Their goal is to raise enough money to buy 100 trees from a Christmas tree farm in Oregon. The 30- to 36-inch trees are shipped no later than Dec. 6 so they can reach their overseas destinations by Dec. 25.

Money comes from donations and from the sale of T-shirts bearing the Trees-4-Branches logo.

Emails and letters of thanks pour in from the troops and their families.

Dave Koehler says “it’s phenomenal knowing we’ve made a difference.”