NP Meth Dealers Sentenced to Prison

Two convicted methamphetamine dealers have been sentenced to prison.

Toni Engelbart, 54, was sentenced to two to three years in prison by Lincoln County District Court Judge Richard Birch.

Prosecutors say police found an array of drugs and drug paraphernalia in Engelbart’s home, including meth, mirrors, razor blades, cutting utensils, tooters and a variety of handguns.

Lincoln County Attorney Rebecca Harling said because Engelbart was convicted of a distribution charge, prison time was in order with the standard sentence being two to six years.  Birch said because Engelbart had no prior criminal record, he would deviate from the standard and give her a break on the high end of the sentence.

Birch also ordered that firearms seized in the investigation be returned to Engelbart’s husband.

Later in the day, 24-year-old Kayla Wills was sentenced to one to three years in prison for attempted distribution of meth by Lincoln County District Court Judge Donald Rowlands.

Police made contact with Wills and 24-year-old Lucas Swarthout at Lake Maloney in August after receiving a report of suspicious activity.  Wills was found to be in possession of more than eight grams of meth.  She later admitted to selling $150 worth of the drug the previous week.

Wills attorney had requested probation and said Wills’ kids deserved a good mom.  She said Wills had been working to “fix herself.”  However, Rowlands said because the case was one that involved the distribution of meth, probation was not an option.  She was given credit for 101 days already served in the Lincoln County Jail.

Both Wills and Engelbart were remanded to the custody of the Sheriff’s office to await transport to York.