NP Police: Take Steps to Prevent Thefts Before They Happen

north_platte_patchOne thing is clear to residents of North Platte; thefts from vehicles are on the rise.

According to a statement from the North Platte Police Department (NPPD), thieves are targeting unsecured vehicles throughout the city.  However, they say the majority of reports have been concentrated to neighborhoods in the North Central and Northwest parts of town.

Police say the suspects appear to be focusing on quick, easy targets during the early morning hours.  Officer Rodney Brown said the thefts have consisted mainly of smaller amounts of cash, mp3 players, wallets and things of that nature.

Two North Platte teenagers, KC Betancud and Logan Reed, who are suspected of committing multiple thefts, were arrested Tuesday.  Nonetheless, the Post has received reports of more thefts occuring Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

The NPPD is encouraging all residents to make sure all valuables are removed from vehicles and to make sure vehicles are locked when not in use.

Brown said these are steps that should be taken at all times, not just during periods when thefts appear to be on the rise.

Additionally, Brown is asking anyone who witnesses suspicious activity or persons to contact the police department immediately at 308-535-6789.