NP Teens Arrested in Rash of Thefts from Vehicles

North Platte Police believe they have put an end to a recent rash of thefts from vehicles, following the arrest of two North Platte teens Tuesday morning.

According Officer Rodney Brown, officers responded to the report of suspicious persons at the the North Platte Community Daycare, 1210 S. Ash, at around 4:45 a.m.  Brown said a citizen called police after observing two suspicious male subjects in the area.

A search for the subjects ended near the Platte River Mall, where officers located 18-year-old KC Betancud and 18-year-old Logan Reed.

Officers found the teens in possession of stolen property and prescription drugs linking them to multiple thefts.  Brown said officers were able to track the property to prior thefts that took place at 1200 S. Ash, 1100 S. Buffalo, 2100 W. Leota and 1300 S. Carr, as well as thefts in the area of McDonald and William Streets.

Betancud and Reed were charged with five counts of theft by unlawful taking, and one count felony possession of a controlled substance.

Brown said the duo is possibly connected to more thefts from vehicles in North Platte.  The investigation is ongoing.

  • Jackie Dircksen

    dynamic duo?? really KC get ur head outa your butt what about your kid huh?? Logan hahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • 1ULuv2Hate

      It’s sad you think this is funny! These are kids that are clearly going down the wrong path! I know Logan’s family loves him very much! Instead of laughing about a serious situation why don’t we all hope that the consequence of their actions is a wake up call and these two pull their heads out of their butts!!!!

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  • Josh

    lol idiots

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  • me2

    Wouldn’t be suprised if one more person appears with these two!!!

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  • Mikah

    Hmm…Those kids stole 50 bucks worth of cigarettes from my car.

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  • Brian

    Hey KC don’t drop the soap little homie.

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