UPDATED: Columbus Woman, 22, Killed in Merrick County Crash

Amanda Asche

Amanda Asche


According to John Westman, Merrick County Chief Deputy, the Merrick County Attorney filed criminal charges on Wednesday.

Christopher Hajek has been charged with motor vehicle homicide, a class II felony, “for causing the death of another while engaged in the operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.”

Westman said an affidavit in support of an arrest warrant has been filed and, if granted, will be served upon Hajek’s release from the hospital.

He said the crash is still being investigated by the Nebraska State Patrol, Merrick County Sheriff’s Office, and Merrick County Attorney’s Office.

No further details about the crash have been released.


A 22-year-old Columbus woman has been identified as the victim of a collision near Clarks.

The Merrick County Sheriff’s Office said the victim was Amanda Asche. She was pronounced dead at the scene of Monday night’s accident along U.S. Highway 30.

Authorities say Asche was headed east on the highway when her vehicle was hit by a pickup driven by 30-year-old Christopher Hajek, of Marquette. He was taken to a hospital.

Investigators believe alcohol played a factor in the crash.

Asche was a student at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, and planned on graduating next May.  Asche and her husband, Bryan, had just gotten married in June.

*NOTE: The Associated Press reported Thursday morning that Hajek had been charged with motor vehicular homicide. ¬†The Post has not received confirmation of this from the Merrick County Sheriff’s Office.


  • Really???

    Sad prayers to her family

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  • Donna Meyer

    So very sad to hear of another life lost to alcohol !!! Prayers to all affected by this .

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  • anonomous

    Might want all the facts first! He has not been officially charged yet because the alcohol test has not come back. Other factors of this were not reported also. prayers for all involved

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  • Annon

    You might need to get the facts as he was charged wednesday with felony motor vehicle homicide. N they believe alcohol played a role. My prayers are with Amanda’s family as well as with Christopher and his family for a speedy recovery. I hope he decides to quit drinking after this but it is sad it is at amanda’s expense that he had to learn how bad drinking and driving is.

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  • I Play Outside The Box

    How sad for her entire family…prayers for them!

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  • Grace

    I agree! Get all the facts before you talk bull crap! It’s still being investigated! Prayers to both families involved

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