10/11 Parent Company Plans to Purchase KNOP

knopChange is in the air for KNOP-TV in North Platte.

The parent company of 10/11 North Platte, Gray Television Inc., announced this week that they are purchasing North Platte’s first television station.

The company along with Excalibur Broadcasting says they plan to purchase 15 stations from Hoak Media Corporation, the current owner of KNOP, and Parker Broadcasting, pending the approval of the Federal Communications Commission.  The transaction will cost $335 million.

Hoak media purchased the station from long-time owner, Ulysses Carlini, in 2005 following the death of majority shareholder, Richard Shively.

KNOP is the Fox and NBC affiliate in the area, while 10/11 is affiliated with CBS.


  • rowdy1

    So will it stay an NBC affiliate, or become CBS? We need both in this area.

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  • rj

    Hopefully they will improve on their news broadcasts.

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  • my2cents

    Will all our news, weather and sports folks get to keep their jobs? Its my favorite station, because they cover what is important to us, around North Platte.

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    hopefully they will do a better job on interveiwing and selecting more qualified individuals to present news casts and sports casts. who takes Joe Swift seriously. He is an embarrasment. The new guy in the mornings cant even READ the news cast correctly. Come on we should be able to attract better news casters. Rachel Kilmer is oustanding so she won’t be here long, no where to move up too.

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