Omaha Attorney Who Snitched on Ex-Client Gets Suspended

ne-supreme-court(AP) — The Nebraska Supreme Court has indefinitely suspended an Omaha attorney after she divulged incriminating information about a former client who had fired her from his criminal case.

The state’s high court on Friday suspended the Nebraska law license of Donna Tonderum for a minimum of three years.

The high court’s Counsel for Discipline says Tonderum was representing a client charged with rape last year when she was fired by the client. Court records say about two weeks later, Tonderum called the prosecutor in the case, saying she knew her former client was guilty and wanted him to go to prison.

The counsel says Tonderum then gave the prosecutor the names of several witnesses, stated what their testimonies would be and what she expected her former client’s defense strategy would be.

  • TimStory

    I know Donna Tonderum was retiring from practice and was not fired by the client. I think everyone in the county knew she was retiring. I also know she called the prosecutor to tell her this client was innocent, told her the information Tonderum had uncovered which blew the case away. The prosecutor got mad and made up these accusations.

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