Omaha Officer Wounds Suspect Who Ran from Vehicle

officer-involved-shooting(AP) — Authorities say an Omaha officer has shot a man who ran from a vehicle spotted near the scene of another shooting.

Police say officers in northeast Omaha heard gunshots around 8 p.m. near Fontenelle Park and turned to see a sport utility vehicle from which the shots were fired.

Officers managed to stop the SUV within a couple of blocks, but the driver got out and ran. Police say one officer fired at the man, striking him several times. No officers were injured.

Police Capt. Shayna Ray says officers found a gun at the scene, but not in the SUV.

The man’s and the officer’s name haven’t been released. The shooting is being investigated.

  • Mr Bojangles

    the police need to do more of that. They don’t want to stop running let the lead fly. I bet the thugs would maybe think twice before they try to run with their pants hanging off their a$$.

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  • Hashime

    I fully agree with “Mr Bojangles”. Any officer who has a suspect run away from him should have the right to shoot him and put him down for good. After all, nice people do not run from the law.

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