Douglas Co. to Extend Benefits to Same-Sex Couples

douglas-countyOMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Douglas County says it will extend benefits to same-sex spouses of employees who were legally married in other states.

The County Board voted Tuesday to change the definition of an eligible spouse so it can include someone who is the same gender as the employee. The new definition covers all benefits including health insurance.

The county will briefly reopen its enrollment period to accommodate the newly eligible spouses. Benefits would begin Jan. 1. The county is self-insured.

The City of Omaha recently said it would not offer health insurance and dental benefits to spouses of legally married gay employees. The Omaha police union has filed a grievance in response.

  • c69101

    What a crock! This is not recognized in this state.

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  • Mr Bojangles

    This is BS, they could always move BACK to the state where they “got married” and live happily ever after.

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    If the state does not recognize it as legal, the county should not have the ability to consider. Your right BS. Stay in Iowa where they want you.

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