Hot Sheets (12/15): We Got Nuthin’


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  • NPgrad89

    No way…..NP on a Saturday night and nobody got hauled off to the pokey? It really is the season of miracles. :)

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  • ok?

    incredible!!!! never thought I would see the day no one went to jail in North Platte

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  • HaHa

    I think it’s a record!! The PoPos must of had their Christmas party

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    • seriously

      Seriously PoPo is so out of date and retarded. Grow up don’t break the law and you won’t have problems

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      • shut up

        lol people still say 5 o popo da jus b old

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  • ross

    Wow i haven’t seen that before

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  • Wow…

    Omg its a miracle!!!! People actually behaved for once. LOL.

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