Winners of the Annual ‘Yuletide Yards’ Contest Chosen

4010 W. Sweetwood Ct.

4010 W. Sweetwood Ct.

After a fierce competition, the winners of annual Yuletide Yards contest have been announced.

The event, hosted by Keep North Platte and Lincoln County Beautiful and Eagle Radio, allows citizens to nominate Christmas displays they feel amplify the Christmas spirit.

This year, over 90 nominations were received.

Community judges ranked the holiday displays based on curb appeal, balance, theme and maintenance.

The winners will receive $50.00 that will be donated to the charity of their choice.

An award ceremony will be held Thursday, December 19th, at the Quality Inn and Suites.

This year’s winners are:

Ward #1

1st– Steve and Jodi Westling- 914 East 4th

2nd– Dave and Jeanne Baade- 610 S. York

3rd-  Michelle Thiem – 521 E. G


Ward #2

1st– Roger and Kristi Volentine- 4010 Sweetwood

2nd- Marc and Kim Kaschke – 3921 Sequoia

3rd- Manny and Dawn Caudillo- 2014 West Philip


Ward #3

1st – Emerald and Michelle Miller- 1420 West Short Street

2nd – Jim Larreau and Lisa Harper- 601 West 5th

3rd – Kevin and Alice Keck –


Ward #4

1st – Marvin and Judith Rundback- 616 East 6th

2nd – Troy Winemiller –  3505 Rodeo Road

3rd – William and Deanna Kramer –  1221 W. 9th



1st – Sam and Angie Mohr- 8336 Sagebrush

2nd – Scott Odle- 8102 South Buffalo

3rd – Patricia Vandewege – 9275 Sierra Drive




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