Iowa Woman Arrested After School Shooting Facebook Post

Teri-PallatCOUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (AP) — The mother of a Council Bluffs high school student has been arrested for a Facebook post that made reference to a school shooting, but the woman’s attorney says she was simply venting frustration that her son is being bullied at school.

Police say 39-year-old Teri Pallat was arrested Monday on suspicion of making terroristic threats and first-degree harassment. Her arrest came after she posted a message on her Facebook page that said “this is exactly why” school shootings happen.

Pallat’s attorney, Michael Murphy, said Pallat’s son has been the target of bullying and at least one assault at school, and that school officials have done nothing to stop it.

Lewis Central High School Principal Joel Beyenhof says the school looks into every bullying accusation.

  • HersheyMomma

    My sister was bullied…school officials did nothing even when they saw it. My dad finally had enough and told her to knock the boy bullying her out. She did just that the next day. They both were suspended for 3 days and the boy tried to press assault charges until my dad said well we want him charged with harassment. Charges were never filed against either but she was never bullied again and ended up making a lot of friends over the whole ordeal. The kid who bullied her however began to get bullied for getting knocked out by a girl. He is now one of north plattes many criminals. The circle never ends…its sad.

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    • 1ULuv2Hate

      And all I can think is….. Wonder who???? Lol

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  • rowdy1

    If nothing else, she got the school’s attention. May not have said it quite like i would have, but the point was made. Our kids spend a lot of time in the school setting, and though the schools shouldn’t be expected to be babysitters, they need to control what goes on during the school hours. Just got done battling with another school, because they wouldn’t say enough is enough. Then when something happens, the schools say we weren’t even aware. Give this women a pat on the back.

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