Gage Co. Sheriff Wants Jail Exemption for E-Cigarettes

ecigarette(AP) — Some Gage County inmates have been eagerly buying e-cigarettes since they went on sale at the jail commissary.

The jail bought 100 e-cigarettes for $2.55 each and is selling them to inmates for $7 each.

The jail administrator, Lt. Tony Shepardson, told a county Board of Supervisors committee on Friday that the water vapor cigarettes have “been selling like hotcakes.”

E-cigarettes are plastic tubes the shape and size of a rolled cigarette. They carry nicotine into the lungs through water vapor.

Gage County has banned smoke and smokeless tobacco products from county property. A proposed ban of e-cigarettes has been added to a revised draft of the county employee handbook.

Sheriff Millard “Gus” Gustafson says he’s seeking an exemption for e-cigarettes at the jail.