Chadron Police on Lookout for Counterfeit Money

20-dollar-bill(AP) — Police in Chadron are urging merchants to keep a lookout for counterfeit $20 bills circulating in the area.

The bills should be easy to spot. Compared to real currency, the fake bills are printing on low-quality paper with dull and blurry images. The serial numbers are the same, and both the security thread and color-shifting ink are missing. Police say the bills give the appearance of having been checked with a counterfeit-detection pen on the right-front side.

Sgt. Mike Loutzenhiser says merchants should check bills with their own counterfeit-detection pens, and compare the bills to others in their cash registers.

Police say anyone who receives a bogus bill can call Dawes County Crime Stoppers at 308-432-0519.