Pets Should Be Brought Inside, Protected During Cold

nebhumane(AP) — Pet owners are being encouraged to bring their animals inside during the bitter cold snap.

Temperatures are predicted to fall to at least 15 degrees below zero Sunday night and Monday morning in Nebraska and Iowa. Then strong winds will make it feel 30-to-60 degrees below zero.

The Nebraska Humane Society says it’s best to bring pets inside during periods of extreme cold like this.

But if pets must remain outside, it’s important to make sure they have a solid structure to protect them with hay or straw inside for insulation.

Dogs also need constant access to water, so pet owners should use heated bowls during freezing weather.

  • BeSmart

    I pray people actually do this. Who cares if they aren’t house trained or dirty, your house can be cleaned! Even if they’re in a crate for 4 hrs at a time, it’s better than dead or without limbs!! Animals can’t protect themselves

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