Lincoln Co. Elected Officials to See Salary Increase in 2015

lincoln-county-courthouseAfter a somewhat heated Lincoln County Commissioners meeting Monday, salaries for 2015 were set for elected officials in Lincoln County.

Salaries for elected officials are as follows:

  • County Attorney-Increase from  $79,500 to $94,000
  • County Sheriff-Increase from $65,500 to $73,600
  • County Clerk-Increase from $58,700 to $70,200
  • Treasurer-Increase from $55,700 to $63,400
  • Public Defender-Increase from $57,100 to $60,000
  • Register of Deeds-Increase from $53,500 to $60,000
  • Clerk of District Court-Increase from $53,500 to $60,000
  • Commissioners-Increase from $24,750 to $26,000
  • County Surveyor-Increase from $12,750 to $13,070

All salaries also include an $8,000 benefits package.

  • Puck Pace

    I would have thought for 79k, we would have had a better attorney in the first place. for 94k, we should be gettinga new one.
    Lets break down the 60k salary for example: 60k / 12 months = 5k per month, or 1250 per week or roughly 31.50 per hour. now add the benefit package, and that adds nearly another $4 hour.
    How many people in the private sector make $35 hour ??
    Please note, I only used the 60k salary as it is easily froke down for example purposes.

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  • Really?

    Puck Pace: you might want to recheck your math. Almost all proffesionals in the private sector make $35/hour.

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  • guest

    Actually most attorneys in the private sector charge $150.00 an hour and take about half of that home. So twice what they make in the public sector. And Puck Pace, that’s not that much when you consider law school loans.

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