Maddy Pacheco Found in Lincoln

maddy-pachecoMadison “Maddy” Pacheco was found alive and well Tuesday.

Police released few details about the case, saying only that Maddy had been living in Lincoln with two women on her own free will.

Maddy had been missing since December 7th when she suddenly disappeared in Omaha after accompanying a friend to work.

Maddy’s family reached out to media and citizens across the nation to help find the 16-year-old and bring her home safe.

The family’s Facebook page says they know little about the details and asked for privacy while they spend time together and try to sort through everything that has happened.

Maddy’s father and grandparents live in the North Platte area.

The Post will release more details as they become available.


  • Guest

    Now that we know she’s ok – what a selfish little brat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Daphnie

    Here it comes.

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  • Sam

    Come on a BUNCH of people shared her page and tried to help and the family can’t give us details?! Wth! My guess would be she did this on purpose.

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    • Ralph Mouth

      “Maddy had been living in Lincoln with two women on her own free will.” YA THINK?

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    • Frank

      Because you took a second to hit “share” on Facebook you feel you deserve details? Thank God she was found safe and whole and not in a ditch somewhere. Thank goodness her family has her home. Is that why you shared the Facebook page and helped, so you could get the details?

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  • beck

    At least she is safe! :) a lot of worry on the family. Do not be cruel…. just thank god she is safe and wasn’t found in a ditch. Thank you jesus.

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  • SpareTheRodSpoilTheChild

    needs a good spanking,, congratulations on your fame thanks for worrying so many people

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  • SRW

    So much speculation and judgement, with so little information. Must be a viral case of Cranial Rectal Inversion spreading around this place.

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  • Daniel Schultz

    Stupefied cops raided my house looking for her I dnt even know thus girl least I can sleep now dnt have to worrie about getting woke p at 130am when she wansent even close to here

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  • Mom of 4 GIRLS

    They should charge the people she was staying with. There is no way they didn’t know that her family was looking for her & she is a kid.

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  • Reality Check

    If this girls follows her moms footsteps she doesnt have much to look forward to in her life ahead !

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    • Lil Miss

      “If she follows in her moms footsteps” are you serious? Her mom has always supported her kids by herself whether it be one or two jobs!!! She loves her kids unconditionally and has ALWAYS put them in front of everyone else!!! How about you get to know her mom before you go spouting off at the mouth!!! If you knew Kim you would know just what kind of person she is!!!

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