Heineman Supports Tax Exemption for Ag Parts

dave-heineman(AP) — Gov. Dave Heineman is voicing support for a bill that would exempt agricultural repair and replacement parts from Nebraska’s sales tax.

The Republican governor also repeated his call on Monday for lowering the taxable land value of farmland from 75 percent to 65 percent. Heineman says the state can afford tax relief.

He says Nebraskans are being overtaxed right now and that he is determined to get tax relief for Nebraskans.

The tax exemption bill for agricultural repairs was introduced by state Sen. Annette Dubas of Fullerton. It advanced through a first-round vote last week.

  • Douglas Gertsch

    How about tax relief for all Nebraskans not just the farmers.

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    • c69101

      He keeps trying to give us tax relief, the liberals in the unicameral keep shutting it down! Don`t believe me ? Look it up yourself!

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  • Douglas Gertsch

    I don’t think that the Governor should be doing one thing for a particular group and nothing for the rest of the the people.
    We have already been paying for the water to Kansas fiasco.

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