Fremont Police Officers to Face Investigation

fremont-police(AP) — The city of Fremont says an investigation will be conducted into the police officers who reportedly were at a bar where a teenager drank alcohol and later died in a crash.

Fremont City Attorney Paul Payne tells The Omaha World-Herald ( that city administrators have known about the incident involving the officers since several days after the December 2012 crash that killed 18-year-old Jacob Dickmeyer, of Valley.

That news came a day after a Douglas County jury convicted 20-year-old Amanda Heiman, a former waitress at the bar, of procuring alcohol for a minor resulting in death.

Testimony during her trial indicated, among other things, that four off-duty Fremont officers were in the bar when Dickmeyer was drinking, and that one of the officers bought him a beer.

  • Hsiato

    Ouch! I sure wouldn`t want to be in their shoes

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  • truth

    Not defending them, but unless they personally knew him, they wouldn’t have necessarily known he was underage if he had already been served and was drinking.. Just the same as I wouldn’t ask to see somebodies ID before I bought them a drink,. By default, he was in the bar drinking, therefore I would assume the bar tender did their job and he was old enough.

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