Heineman: Control Local Spending for Tax Relief

dave-heineman(AP) — Gov. Dave Heineman says the best way to provide property tax relief is for local governments to control their spending.

Heineman restated that property and income taxes are too high during a press call Wednesday morning.

He says last year 25 counties raised property taxes more than 10 percent. Heineman supports lowering the valuation of farm- and ranchland from 75 percent to 65 percent.

Some argue that state mandates have forced counties to raise property taxes.

Heineman says it’s about prioritizing where the money is going to be spent. He offered to address specific mandates if counties had a problem.

  • Doug G

    This is from the man that started out wanting to tax the sale of farm equipment.
    Treat everyone the same,get out from the special interest groups.
    Same for the federal politicians.

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  • hsiato

    If he thinks that local governments will lower taxes he needs a reality check real quick!

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  • Progressive1

    Unlike Wyoming, Nebraska has little in oil, coal or other minerals to tax. That is why the taxes are higher here. The taxes are not job killers. They provide needed services.

    Nebraska’s unemployment numbers are the lowest in the nation, yet our taxes are the highest in the nation. So much for the high taxes leading to unemployment.

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