Nebraska Lawmakers Question Earned Time Proposal

jail-cell(AP) — A proposal that would end automatic “good time” credit for violent prisoners in Nebraska is facing scrutiny from lawmakers.

Members of the Judiciary Committee questioned Wednesday whether the bill would work if adequate rehabilitation programs weren’t available in Nebraska’s prisons.

The bill by Sen. Scott Lautenbaugh would require those convicted of murder, robbery, sexual assault and other violent crimes to behave and participate in rehabilitation programs to earn reductions in their sentences. The bill was introduced on behalf of Gov. Dave Heineman, who has called for reforms in the wake of the Nikko Jenkins case in Omaha.

Department of Correctional Services Director Michael Kenney spoke in support of the bill, saying it would apply to offenders who pose the greatest risk to the community.

  • meanoldwoman

    Zebra’s can’t become horses just by going to a therapist, what makes them think that a criminal will become a law abiding citizen by doing therapy. Just look at the daily mug sheets, the same people week after week.

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