Psychiatrist Labels Nikko Jenkins a ‘Psychopath’

Posted 1 year ago

By Associated Press

Nikko Jenkins

Nikko Jenkins

(AP) — A psychiatrist who evaluated Nikko Jenkins three years before Jenkins was accused of killing four people in and around Omaha last summer has testified that Jenkins “is a psychopath.”

Dr. Eugene Oliveto, who serves as a psychiatrist for the prison system in Douglas County, testified over the objections of prosecutors Wednesday in a hearing to determine whether Jenkins is competent to stand trial. Oliveto says he took it upon himself to re-evaluate Jenkins on Monday after being subpoenaed by Jenkins’ lawyers.

Oliveto declared that Jenkins is “one of the most dangerous people I have ever evaluated.”

Oliveto is not a forensic psychiatrist and did not testify to Jenkins’ competency to stand trial. But he said his Monday evaluation of Jenkins found him to be schizophrenic, among other things.

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