Judge Dismisses Neb. Driver’s License Lawsuit

judgeship(AP) — A judge has dismissed a lawsuit that challenged Nebraska’s denial of driver’s licenses to people who were brought into the country illegally as children, but allowed to stay under a new federal program.

U.S. District Judge Laurie Smith Camp said in a ruling Wednesday that the state had not violated the equal-protection rights of the youths. The lawsuit was filed by Mayra Saldana, a student at Peru State College who was granted deferred-action status under an Obama administration program.

Saldana applied for a driver’s license three times at the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles in January 2013, and was denied. Saldana came to the United States from Mexico at age 2.

  • PB

    Well if she would travel in a vehicle and not “drive” she would have no need of a “drivers” license.

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  • Progressive1

    Typical racism in Nebraska, the Bible Belt.

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    • c69101

      There`s the old Marxist play book in action! If someone doesn`t agree with these sissy`s they are racists! Keep reading from the book nancy boy!

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    • HeckNo

      What is racist about an ILLEGAL Immigrant? If they want a drivers license, become a citizen and pay taxes like we do…(Key word ILLEGAL). “people who were brought into the country illegally as children”

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