Buffalo Bill Rodeo Committee to host PRCA Camp in Curtis

PRCA Rodeo Camp Nebraskaland DaysIs another Billy Etbauer or Will Lowe among us, or maybe a Justin McDaniel, Taos Muncy or Steven Dent? The PRCA Championship Rodeo Camp Series may help identify and encourage just that – the next generation of rodeo stars. And the Hall of Fame Buffalo Bill Rodeo Committee is pitching in with the March 29th Camp in Curtis. Also scheduled to participate is former PRCA World Champion Bull Rider and current North Platte Community College Rodeo Coach Dustin Elliot.

Our mission is to provide a fun, positive rodeo experience. Camp curriculum includes an introduction to roughstock events with an emphasis on safety, fundamentals, chute procedures, livestock safety, overview of riding equipment, injury prevention and management, fitness and nutrition, introduction to PRCA business and goal setting. Instructors deliver encouragement to participants as they pursue both their rodeo careers and scholastic endeavors.

“This is our fourth event, and as always we hope

to help the next generation of contestants on the fast track towards competing at the PRCA level, “ says Buffalo Bill Rodeo Co-Chairman Jack Morris. “We, along with the PRCA, understand the importance of getting more people interested in being professional contestants. It’s important for the future of the sport.”

During its inaugural year, this nationwide program
hosted camps in five cities. Camps are geared at providing free learning opportunities for cowboys just starting out that either have had little or no direction in rodeo or have been competing in rodeo and want to further learn about the fundamentals from PRCA champions.

For more information on the PRCA Championship Rodeo Camps Series or to register visit the PRCA website at http://www.prorodeo.com/youthrodeo.aspx