Report: Nebraska Needs to Expand Prison Facilities

ne-state-pen(AP) — A consultant is recommending that Nebraska expand its prison facilities to accommodate overcrowding.

The report to Nebraska lawmakers suggests a 300-bed expansion to Omaha corrections facilities, a 200-bed addition to the Community Corrections Center in Lincoln and 340 additional beds for elderly and mentally ill inmates at the Diagnostic and Evaluation Center in Lincoln.

The report by Dewberry Architects also recommends additional space for food service, corrections programs and dining facilities. It was produced as part of the Department of Correctional Services’ efforts to develop a long-term plan.

Nebraska’s correctional facilities held 4,918 inmates as of Jan. 31. That’s nearly 155 percent of their design capacity.

A department spokeswoman says the review is taking place along with a legislative prison-reform study. She says cost estimates aren’t yet known.

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    I got an idea release all the people who are in jail for simple things like smoking pot and you will have plenty of room! We calim to be the freeest country in the World but we have the largest prison population. Prisons are BIG money as long as you keep em full!

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