Faith Groups Endorse Wellness in Nebraska Act

medicaid(AP) — A group of faith leaders is calling on lawmakers to pass the Wellness in Nebraska Act, which would allow more low-income residents to qualify for Medicaid or subsidized private health insurance.

More than 110 faith groups signed a letter in support of the bill, which lawmakers are expected to debate on Tuesday.

The bill would help an estimated 54,000 Nebraskans enroll in health insurance by mid-2015. Many residents who would qualify have fallen into the so-called “coverage gap,” because their incomes are too high to qualify for Medicaid but too low to qualify for private subsidies through the federal health insurance marketplace.

Gov. Dave Heineman argued his weekly newspaper column that state Medicaid expenses would grow rapidly under the bill and pull money away from other priorities, such as education.

  • Progressive1

    This is a good program, we have a terrible governor. He will end up with a million dollar a year job as a Republican lobbyist once his term is up. Probably at some Republican foundation.

    The schools get their money from local property taxes. The money to fund Medicare expansion has been budgeted 100% by the federal government. I fail to see how one will rob from the other.

    If Heinemen was interested in education, like he says, maybe he should get his graduate degree, which he has none. Republicans always elect people like this.

    Who is our governor trying to fool? The only fools are Republicans.

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    • c69101

      You are spreading manure as usual commie.

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