Nebraskan to Be Resentenced for Killing Sister in 1987

Sidney Thieszen

Sidney Thieszen

A resentencing has been scheduled for a Nebraska inmate who killed his 12-year-old sister when he was 14.

The hearing is scheduled June 9 for Sydney Thieszen. He was convicted of murder in 1988 for killing his sister, Sacha, at their home near Henderson on Sept. 17, 1987.

Court records say Sydney hit Sacha in the head with a wooden rod, then shot her three times at close range.

The 41-year-old has been serving his life term at the Tecumseh prison.

After a March 12 hearing, a judge ruled that Thieszen was entitled to resentencing in accordance with a 2012 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that mandatory life-without-parole sentences for juvenile killers is unconstitutional.

Last year state lawmakers enacted a measure that ends mandatory life sentences for juveniles who commit first-degree murder. The guidelines now call for a sentence of 40 years to life for the juveniles.

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    Sounds like someone we need running free. PSYCHO!

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  • Chris

    I think this is good. I think he should have a re-sentencing hearing for the fact that the law makers we voted in made this law… So this is the law we want right? Or maybe we can just post behind the name guest, run our mouths day in and day out about people. Because that is what us North Platte folks are good at. Judging others. If someone spends 40 years in prison for something they did when they were 14… that sounds like punishment enough for me.

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