2 NP Women Charged with Robbery, Assault

Two North Platte women are facing a robbery charge after they allegedly assaulted a North Platte woman and stole property from her.

According to Officer John Deal, officers responded to the report of an assault in the 800 block of South Bailey at around 4:29 a.m. this morning.

Officers made contact with a female victim who alleged that at least two females had assaulted her and took her keys and cell phone.

As the officer was interviewing the victim, other officers observed a vehicle, believed to be involved, leaving the area.

The vehicle was stopped and two females, Angelica Gray and Jerrita Running-Enemy, were contacted.

Deal said both matched the description given by the victim and other witnesses.

As search of the vehicle revealed the victim’s cell phone and keys.

Officers determined there was probable cause to arrest both Gray and Running-Enemy.  Both have been charged with robbery and 3rd degree assault.

They are being held at the Lincoln County Detention Center.

Deal said the investigation is ongoing.

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    Meth heads

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  • SMDH

    well gee wiz why would you assume walking around at 428 in the morning was safe??? stay home to tweek,,,

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  • big bad

    99 % of the time the line between right and wrong starts at home as a little child. when your parents are never home and live in a bar and u raise yourself or the street raises you there is going to be bad result the way jerrita was raised she never had a chance and there is a 16 year old following in her footsteps

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    • You’reAJoke

      itd actually be better if this was the truth but its not. there is not a 16 year old following in her foot steps. you don’t know how we were raised. you just assume. we were raised right by our parents but we just make dumb choices. so before you talk, walk to walk.

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    lol big bad you got jokes

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      Wow i love how people just assume about someones life growing up.

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  • Mike Long

    It doesn’t matter to me if u were raised on the “streets.” I was raised roughly, raised on the “streets”, got in my fair share of trouble, and I seem to be doing just fine. It’s the choices a person makes throughout their life and the type of ppl they choose to be influenced by that will ultimately decide the outcome.

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