Grand Jury Clears NPPD in Suicide of North Platte Man

jesse-hornbacherA grand jury has cleared the North Platte Police Department of any wrongdoing in the death of a North Platte man who committed suicide during a standoff.

The grand jury was convened last month to review the facts in the suicide of Jesse Hornbacher.

North Platte Police received a report, last December, that Hornbacher was barricaded in his home at 918 North Walnut with loaded guns.  As officers attempted to talk him out of the home, Hornbacher took his own life.

Because Hornbacher was not free to leave at the time of the incident, he was legally considered to be  in custody.  Nebraska State law requires a grand jury review of any death that occurs while the subject is in the custody of law enforcement.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office completed an independent investigation of the matter and submitted their findings to Lincoln County Attorney, Rebecca Harling, who conducted the grand jury hearing.

Hornbacher was 27-years-old.