NP Man Runs from Police, Crashes Into Porch

A North Platte man is in jail after he ran from North Platte Police and crashed into the porch of a residence.

According to Officer Rodney Brown, an officer was on patrol in the 700 block of East Philip, when they observed two eastbound vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed.

The second vehicle, a 2011 Honda Civic driven by 26-year-old Bryon Little II, was observed passing the lead vehicle at approximately 68 mph.

Brown said the officer turned to make a traffic stop, but Little made no attempt to stop or slow down.  He said Little continued to travel eastbound until he turned onto Bryan Avenue.

Little then lost control control of the vehicle, and crashed into the back porch of a residence in the 800 block of South Bryan.

Little had already fled the scene, but an officer soon spotted him in the 700 block of South Belmont.  A chase ensued, and Little fled into a garage.

Officers were eventually able to subdued him and place him under arrest.

Little was jailed at the Lincoln County Detention Center on charges of 2nd offense DUI, willful reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident and possession of drug paraphernalia.

There were no reports of injuries.

  • c69101

    What a dumb—! Thank goodness he didn`t hurt somebody!

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  • rowdy1

    What about the 2nd car?

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  • Just me

    Primeexample of why they need to do more when ghey get
    caught the girst tkme maybe they wouldnt do it again
    we need tougher punishment for DUIs

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  • Raven

    I thought he was literally runnin from them and ran into the porch..I was gonna say, only in NP

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    • Mike Litoris

      Only in NP would somebody think that

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      • Raven

        Really.. considerin the idiots here in the hot sheets lately..

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