2 NPHS Students Cited for Marijuana Possession After Search

nphsTwo North Platte High School students have been cited for marijuana possession following a search of the school and school property by police.

According to Officer Rodney Brown, five law enforcement officers, three K-9s and school administrators spent about an hour conducting a search at NPHS on Tuesday.

Brown said the event was pre-planned, and the school was placed in lockdown during the search.

K-9s provided by the Broken Bow Police Department, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and Cheyenne County Sheriff’s Office sniffed approximately 1,200 lockers and just under 500 parking stalls.

Brown said the dogs alerted on nine lockers and seven vehicles.

While no contraband was found inside the building, Brown said two students, 18-year-old Karina Wright and a 17-year-old male juvenile, were both cited for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia following vehicle searches.

North Platte Public Schools policy states that students should have no expectation of privacy regarding items left on or in school property.

A similar search was conducted at Adams Middle School last month, but no contraband was recovered.

  • hummm

    they need to do this search way more often then once a year. Just saying…

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  • Jed McKenney

    conditioning kids to a police state… if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about. I do not see those words in the 4th amendment. If you suspect a kid of having marijuana, search that student and stop violating the rights of everyone else.

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    • Stirling McCook

      If I have heard it right, when a student parks their cart on school grounds, the school has every right to search that vehicle if there is probable cause, whether that means going through a whole parking lot of cars or sniffing a bunch of lockers, so be it, whatever needs to be done, like you said, if they have nothing to hide, then they shouldn’t be worried.

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    • Val

      Amen, Jed. This blanket search is bullshit.

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  • Doug M

    Jed you are something else. The students on school property have no expectation of any right to privacy on school grounds. What rights were violated ?

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  • You’reAJoke

    HA maybe if you were going to be sneaky about you shouldn’t leave it sitting in the middle console where everyone can see it.

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  • Big John

    Good job to the school’s for being proactive. Students shouldn’t expect “privacy” in a public place.

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