Fremont Couple in Cruelty Case Barred from Owning Animals

gavel-and-scale(AP) — A Dodge County couple accused of animal cruelty has been barred from owning animals for 20 years.

Roland and Lori Peterson received the sentence Tuesday in Dodge County Court. They were ordered to serve two years of probation.

The couple pleaded no contest in February to four counts each of attempted animal abuse as part of a plea deal.

Authorities investigated the couple in connection with the deaths of 30 dogs, cats, horses and goats found in their residence last August. Deputies found animals in various stages of decay in a freezer.

Lori Peterson said she believed a highly contagious disease called the canine parvovirus killed the animals.

  • outraged

    Abuse an animal and they will bar you from owning another for 20 years……But abuse a child and they will give you housing, food stamps, education and counseling…..all for free! Taxpayers pay for everything so you can get your kid back…….and no restrictions are placed on having more kids, whether or not you get your original kids back. We need some of these “animal protection laws” applied to the vulnerable HUMANS that are abused.

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