Dress Codes: Where Should Schools Set Limits?

highschool(AP) — They’re called leggings — popular tight-fitting pants that seem to be the favorite new target of the school dress code.

Some schools have banned leggings outright. Others, including a middle school in Evanston, have set limits.

Some parents and students are complaining — and saying more developed girls are being targeted. So in the Evanston case, the school board is reviewing the policy at Haven Middle School and other schools in the district.

Legal experts say these matters are generally settled outside the courts, unless safety is an issue. But usually, they say consistency and common sense work best when writing a policy.

They point to the case of a Colorado girl, suspended after she shaved her head to support a young friend with cancer — a decision quickly reversed.


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    Where Should Schools Set Limits? That is easy where the Bible does, women are to be dressed in modest appareal. But why have these standards when they allow the volleyball girls to run around near naked, with their rear ends hanging out. Such hypocrisy! You cannot wlak down the hallwya that way, but you can prance and jum around in front of the paying audience. These schools are prostituting these girls for gain!

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