Heineman Touts ‘Good’ Legislative Session During NP Visit

governor-dave-heineman-lee-On the eve of his 2014 Sine Die Address to the Legislature, Governor Dave Heineman made a brief stop in North Platte Wednesday to tout what he calls a good legislative session.

Heineman addressed the media and city leaders at a news conference at Lee Bird Field.

On the top of his list was tax reform.

“We are providing $412 million in tax relief to Nebraskans over the next five years,” Heineman said.  “We’ve indexed Nebraska’s individual income tax brackets for inflation.  We’ve begun the process of exempting social security income and military retirement income from taxation, and we’ve helped farmers and ranchers by eliminating the sales tax on repair parts for ag machinery and equipment.”

Another topic addressed by Heineman was legislation on water sustainability.

Heineman said the state will address water management and water quality through the new water law.

“We’ve also addressed the water sustainability issue with noteworthy legislation that preserves our water supply for generations to come,” Heineman said.  “This legislation is aimed at planning for better future water use in our state.”

Heineman also commended the Legislature for rejecting Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion and, in reference to bonding road construction projects, reiterated his belief of the importance of maintaining a pay-as-you-go, debt-free roads construction program.

In closing, Heineman thanked Senator Tom Hansen for his service to the state, and commended him on his many contributions during his time in the Legislature.  Hansen is leaving the legislature in January due to term limits.

“It’s been an honor to serve the constituents of Lincoln County, I’m very glad I did it and very glad it’s over,” Hansen said.

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