Dawson County Raceway Results

Dawson County RacewayGetting their 2014 season at Dawson County Raceway started off right with a trip to the winners circle was Colton Osborn, Jamey Kennicutt, Mike Nichols and Dillon Thompson on Sunday night in Lexington.

It was an Osborn night in the IMCA Modified division with Colton Osborn of Cozad leading the final ten laps of the feature to cruise to the victory. Osborn started in the inside of row four and showed great patience and prospered with a car that handled quite well from the top to the bottom of the race track. Osborn took over the lead from his brother Cale Osborn of Cozad on lap 10, as a result of Cale getting a new right rear tire after leading the initial nine laps of the contest. Charging forward after a slow start, Ronnie Wallace of McCook was setup to be fast at the right time as he passed into the runner-up position in the last eight laps of the race to finish second overall. Veteran hotshoe David Murrary Jr. of Oberlin, Kansas showcased great consistency to avoid incidents and earn a podium finish in third place. Both Colton and Cale Osborn claimed heat race wins.

In a very competitive race, Jamey Kennicutt of Gothenburg was able to stay near the front throughout the Feature for the IMCA Northern Sport Modifieds to lead the most important laps to earn a season opening victory. Heat race victor Kennicutt started in the fourth row and worked his way into the lead on lap six, as he was dueling with runner-up Denny Egge of Kearney throughout the contest. Kennicutt and Egge were the only two drivers to lead a lap. Heat race winner Egge led the first five laps and the four laps just prior to the white flag being waved. Working the high groove with precision was North Platte’s Zach Schultz with a third place finish from his fourth row starting position.

No stranger to victory lane; Mike Nichols of Harlan, Iowa started on the pole and never trailed in the heated-battles of the IMCA Stock Car Feature. Nichols did have company in the front of the field, but Nichols showed great prowess and ability to snare the victory. Mikey Dancer of North Platte, piloted his Chevy Monte Carlo to a stellar second place finish, after dropping back early on and charging forward with gumption in the closing laps. Reigning season track champion Casey Werkmeister of Maywood was ‘en fuego’ with his new set of wheels rolling up a third place finish. Nichols, Werkmeister and Colton Osborn of Cozad claimed heat race wins in early evening action of the Stock Car division.

In the closest finish of the night, Dillon Thompson of Campbell was the victor by the slimmest of margins over Kyle Bond of Gibbon to earn the first place hardware in the IMCA Hobby Stock division on opening night. Heat race victor Thompson led the first 13 laps and then led the lap that matters the most by less than the length of a fender. Heat race winner Kyle Bond stormed forward from his fourth row starting position to earn the runner-up honors. Bond led the white flag lap and for many laps prior had turned circuits with Thompson in his crosshairs. Having the best seat in the house watching Bond and Thompson duel was the Wilcox wheelman, Anthony Martin who finished third overall. Martin was in the mix from the drop of the green flag to earn the checkered flag honors.

Racing action returns to the fast-paced 3/8 mile dirt oval on the Dawson County Fairgrounds on Sunday, May 11th. Gates open at 5 p.m. with the drop of the green flag being at 6:30 p.m.


Unofficial Results:

–IMCA Modified Feature: 1. 50c-Colton Osborn; 2. 3rw-Ronnie Wallace; 3. 97m-David Murrary Jr; 4. 50-Scott Smith; 5. 17j-Jeremy Frenier; 6. XII-Jay Steffens; 7. 59m-Travis Mack; 8. 25-Trevor Baker; 9. 1c-Cole Egge; 10. 6c-Cale Osborn; 11. 29e-Brooke Eilts; 12. 19-Chuck Stryker; 13. 2-Jeremy Herbst; 14. 23s-Josh Sabin.

Heat 1: 1. 50c-Colton Osborn; 2. 97m-David Murrary Jr; 3. 50-Scott Smith.

Heat 2: 1. 6c-Cale Osborn; 2. 3rw-Ronnie Wallace; 3. 59m-Travis Mack.

–IMCA Northern Sport Mod Feature: 1. 15k-Jamey Kennicutt; 2. 1x-Denny Egge; 3. 55z- Zach Schultz; 4. 23mm-Casey Clausen; 5. 25-Toph Harmon; 6. 1-Paul Donovan; 7. 15j-Herb Slough; 8. 13-Terry Dressel; 9. 8c-Corey Cruzan; 10. 68-Craig Howard; 11. 0-Bryan Herrick; 12. 12j-Kerry Jones; 13. 33-Chad Young.

Heat 1: 1. 1-Paul Donovan; 2. 11h-Henry Henderson; 3. 55z-Zach Schultz.

Heat 2: 1. 15k-Jamey Kennicutt; 2. 87d-Chad Dolan; 3. 55d-Dillon Schultz.

Heat 3: 1. 1x-Denny Egge; 2. 25-Toph Harmon; 3. 23mm-Casey Clausen.

–IMCA Stock Car Feature: 1. 63-Mike Nichols; 2. 45-Mikey Dancer; 3. 24w-Casey Werkmeister; 4. 77-Jed Williams; 5. 35jw-Casey Woken; 6. 11k-Kyle Clough; 7. 29e-Brendan Eilts; 8. 21-Shane Stutzman; 9. 42w-Kyle Werkmeister; 10. 09h-Bob Hoing; 11. 10k-Kurt Trusty; 12. 24-Bob Chalupa; 13. 57-Dan Stoll; 14. 72-Robert Walker 15. 00-Sara Klein.

Heat 1: 1. 24w-Casey Werkmeister; 2. 6c-Cale Osborn; 3. 72-Robert Walker.

Heat 2: 1. 63-Mike Nichols; 2. 45-Mikey Dancer; 3. 77-Jed Williams.

Heat 3: 1. 50c-Colton Osborn; 2. 35jw-Casey Woken; 3. 29e-Brendan Eilts.

–IMCA Hobby Stock Feature: 1. 11-Dillon Thompson; 2. 0-Kyle Bond; 3. 9a-Anthony Martin; 4. 85-Robert Leonard; 5. 44-Caleb Hetrick; 6. 2x-Travis Kernick; 7. 2c-Zach Canas; 8. 30a-Adam Morgan; 9. 5-Chuck Ledbetter; 10. 26-Ryan Gardine; 11. 89-Michael Zerr; 12. 53e-Tyler Easterday; 13. 80-Jim Rayburn; 14. 88j-Jacob Olmstead.