Mother of Hastings Boy Killed by His Brother Charged

Posted 1 year ago

By Scott Carlson

Amanda Pecor

Amanda Pecor

The mother of a Hastings boy, shot to death last month by his brother, and her live-in boyfriend have been charged with negligent child abuse resulting in death.

The Adams County Attorney’s Office filed charges Thursday against 29-year-old Amanda Pecor and 30-year-old Matthew Edwards.

Authorities say police, school and mental health officials had concerns about the 9-year-old’s often violent behavior and that officials had warned both his mother and her boyfriend to lock up all knives, other sharp items and guns in the house for weeks before the young boy was shot.

The boy shot and killed his brother, 4-year-old Beau Pecor, on April 18.

  • really

    Good they are at FAULT!!!! Stupid people gun locks are free!!!! but he never should have had access, nothing against guns just stupid people

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  • get the boy help….

    get that lil boy some help before he is a very angry teenager or husband out on the streets hurting the world, they are at fault maybe that boy needed more than locking up knives and guns. taken out of the home perhaps. hope they do something for him besides holding him for a few yrs and throwing him out into the world he needs tools to live a natural life. stupid ppl shouldnt have guns. they make it way to easy to get and hold a guns. morons like this have no reasons to even possess a gun.

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  • longbeachgirl24

    So sad hopefully tht little boy gets help hes gonna have to live with this the rest of his life cuz his parents r stupid for not getting him help and not locking their guns up hopefully she doesnt breed anymore

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