Troopers Honored for Efforts to Stop Impaired Driving

Chad Phaby

Chad Phaby

(Lincoln, Neb.)-  Sworn members of the Nebraska State Patrol were honored during the 15th Annual Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Outstanding Law Enforcement Awards & Recognition ceremony.

The awards ceremony held Tuesday, May 20, in Lincoln, recognized law enforcement officers who work daily to ensure Nebraska roadways are kept safe from drinking and drugged drivers.

According to the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety (NOHS), of the 207 fatalities recorded on Nebraska roads in 2013, 72 were alcohol related. That compares with 212 fatalities in 2012, 87 of which were alcohol related.

“The efforts of all law enforcement to remove impaired drivers from our roadways plays a key role in reducing the potential for serious injury and fatality crashes,” said Colonel David Sankey, Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol. “The honor is recognition of their hard work and dedication and they should be commended.”

The Troopers listed below were honored by MADD for their commitment to keeping Nebraska communities and roads safe.

Troop B- Norfolk Adult DUI-Individual/MIP Enforcement Individual

Adult DUI-Team

Trooper Tim Doggett #126
Trooper Brandon Wilkie #464
Trooper Bryan Wiggins #495
Troop C-Grand Island

Troop D-North Platte

Adult DUI-Individual
Education& Awareness MIP Enforcement
Trooper Sam Mortensen #618

Investigator Chad Phaby #375

Headquarters Troop-
Adult DUI-Individual

Adult DUI-Individual

Adult DUI- Team

Trooper Michael Grummert #397

Trooper John Lukesh #342

Trooper Kaleb Bruggeman#584
Trooper Denny Frey #91
Trooper Michael Grummert #397
Trooper John Lukesh #342