Chief: Man Killed by Deputies Hadn’t Loaded Rifle


Doug DaMoude

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A Lincoln man was armed with an unloaded rifle when he was fatally shot by deputies who forced their way into a Lincoln house to remove him.

Lincoln police say 64-year-old Doug DaMoude had barricaded himself in his former residence on Friday afternoon. He’d broken back into the home after he was evicted.

Lincoln Police Chief Jim Peschong (peh-SHAHNG’) said Monday that locksmiths disabled the locks and deputies rammed into the entryway, where they were confronted by DaMoude. One deputy grabbed the rifle and struggled with DaMoude. Peschong says two other deputies fired five shots, hitting DaMoude four times.

Peschong says DaMoude had written his department and the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, saying he didn’t recognize their authority and would kill officers if they tried to break into his home.