What is a Slur? Redskins Case Forces Us to Decide

Washington RedskinsSomething is happening just beneath the fight over the name of a certain Washington, D.C., pro football team: America is working through the process of determining what is — or is not — racially offensive.

What is a slur, and who gets to decide? How many people must be offended to tip the scales? Why should some be forced to sacrifice their traditions out of respect for others?

We are a long way from consensus on these questions, judging by the response to a federal ruling that the “Redskins” team name is disparaging and its trademarks should be canceled.

The team is appealing the decision, and even if it loses its trademark, it can still use the name. But this latest development highlights the limitations of how America wrestles with certain racial statements, and our struggle to balance free speech and social good.

  • Progressive1

    We are maturing and that is good. It is time to grow up.

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    • c69101

      Well well, the commie is back.

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  • Champ

    I can’t figure out what is so offensive about Redskins. I think if I were Native American I would consider it an honor. I think we need a nationwide poll. My guess is the majority of Native American and other races alike would think this argument and debate ridiculous. And I would like to know who the “us” is that’s deciding.

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