2nd Suspect Arrested in North Platte JC Penney Theft Scheme

Justin Bailey

Justin Bailey

A second suspect has been arrested for their involvement in a theft scheme at JC Penney in North Platte.

On June 16, and investigation began in regards to employee theft at the store.

Management reported that they had discovered that three employees had been stealing form the business.

It was determined that the employees had been selling merchandise to each other at heavily discounted prices.  They would then return the merchandise for a full-price refund.  Police say that, between the three employees, several thousand dollars worth of loss to the store was reported.

One of the suspects, Ashleigh Larson, was contacted on June 26, and cited for felony theft by deception.

On June 30, an investigator with the North Platte Police Department met with 21-year-old Justin Bailey, and spoke to him regarding his involvement in the thefts.

Following questioning, Bailey was arrested and charged with felony theft by deception.  He was processed and released at the Lincoln County Detention Center.

Officer Rodney Brown said the investigation into the third suspect in ongoing.

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    I wont be attending victory church anymore.this dude probably stealing from the church his dad runs. No more money in the basket period.

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    • Interesting

      Yes, Justin made a mistake. I’m sure he is regretting it every minute of every day. The backlash can not be good for him or his family. However he is still a human being and he is separate from the Church. If you found peace and hope in a church; any church don’t stop because of one person’s mistakes. I can guarantee that no matter what church you go to no matter where it is there is hypocrites in the leadership. You have to look past that and go for your own reasons.

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