Fit of Rage Leads to Child Abuse, Other Charges for NP Man

Rodger Roose (File Image)

Rodger Roose (File Image)

A 40-year-old North Platte man is facing several charges following a disturbance Wednesday morning.

At around 4:30 a.m., on July 2, officers with the North Platte Police Department responded to a disturbance in the 300 block of East 9th Street.

Upon arrival, officers discovered a Ford Explorer with the front window broken out, and furniture strewn about the back yard of the residence.

They then noticed Rodger Roose inside the residence and requested that he come outside and speak to them.

According to Officer Rodney Brown, Roose briefly opened the door, cursed at the officers and slammed it shut.

Brown said officers noticed two small children, ages two and six, inside the residence with Roose.  They also observed that the interior of the home appeared to be damaged and in disarray.

Officers learned that the children’s 36-year-old mother, who Roose had been fighting with throughout the night, had left on foot prior to their arrival.

Eventually, officers were able to reason with Roose and took him into custody.

He was charged with misdemeanor obstructing the police and misdemeanor child abuse, because the children were witnesses to the violence.

Roose was transported to the Lincoln County Detention Center, and the children were placed in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services.

At around 7:00 a.m. the same morning, the children’s mother contacted law enforcement and wanted to know where the the girls had been taken to.

An officer made contact with her at the residence, and learned that, during the fight, Roose had punched her, kicked her and dragged her by hair.

As a result, the officer returned to the jail and charged Roose with felony 3rd degree domestic assault.


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    A very frequent flier since 2007, including domestic charges.

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  • meanoldwoman

    You don’t leave your kids with someone who is out of control, grab the baby and tell the older one to run.

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    • DefineKarma?

      Unless you were actually involved in the l incident, you THINK you know what you would have done. “As it should be”. So easy to say. So many variables, one being that, up to this point, he has never PHYSICALLY harmed the children even while enraged enough to rip apart the house, & severely assault the mother. 2nd, Up to this point, after similar incidents have occured, unless the woman is being taken away in an ambulance, I have seen where a woman calls for help, and ends up in trouble, hassled from that point on by HHS because now their employees get to dictate her entire life, lots of grief & usually MORE trouble, kids taken out of home, or always in fear of, list goes on & on, all based on those first heated moments when officers arrive on the scene. She would have instantly been judged based on the officers REACTION to that heated moment. Honestly, she may have made the most intelligent decision in that case. She took a time out. Cops were already aware. There is history. If she stayed n didnt get arrested would she have been in good shape to care for the children anyway? By 7 am she at least had time to calm down, and communicate rationally with the necessary personnel. Who would you rather deal with? The super charged cop who is coming prepared to deal with a drunken domestic or the freshly rested relaxed officer the next morning? Either way, my thoughts & prayers are with all involved.

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