California Man Blows Off Hands with Firework

police-lights-redSAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — Police in Northern California say a man igniting illegal fireworks blew off both of his hands when the device exploded prematurely.

Officer Albert Morales of the San Jose Police Department said the man in his 40s is expected to live, but late on Friday’s July 4th holiday, the explosive went off in his hands as family members stood nearby.

Two other men were seriously injured Friday in Sunnyvale while holding a mortar-like explosive and trying to light it.

The men were ages 41 and 42. One man lost fingers on his left hand and finger tips on the right hand, while the second man lost part of his right hand.

  • Godly Republican

    The liberal media and Barack Hussain Obama are trying to distract us from the REAL story : Benghazi.

    Remember 911 Benghazi. At least we were safe when Bush was president. God bless George W Bush.

    God hates you in the liberal media. Trying to distract us with this story I am not fooled. God hates liberals.

    God bless America.

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    • me

      It’s interesting that what ever your political opinion is, just happens to be what “Gods” opinion is too. What a happy coincidence for you. Of course it’s easy to proclaim that “God” hates this or prefers that. The problem here is that god called me just this morning and said it’s actually people like you that annoy him the most. Self Righteous idiots that claim their views are the correct ones because “god” said so! Uh oh, I probably just offended a bunch of people. oops! Oh well, I’d love to stay and read all about how I am a godless heathen but I have a 3:30 Tee time with the Easter Bunny Where we will be discussing why he hates short people.

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  • Truth will set you free

    Safe during Bush administration?? Does 9/11 not ring a bell? Getting all your buddies from Saudi Arabia out before the Feds can talk to them? Yet Obama is responsible for not only the capture of Osama Bin Laden, but also the arrest of the mastermind behind Benghazi. Learn history. Better yet, learn the truth.

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