States Look at Gun Seizure Law after Mass Killings

Newtown,-Conn.HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — As state officials across the country grapple with how to prevent mass killings like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, some are turning to a gun seizure law pioneered in Connecticut 15 years ago.

Connecticut’s law was the first of its kind nationwide and was passed after the killings of four managers at the state lottery headquarters. It allows judges to order guns temporarily seized from people after police show they are a danger to themselves or others.

Indiana approved a similar law in 2005. And now California and New Jersey officials are debating gun seizure laws, both in the aftermath of the killings of six people near the University of California, Santa Barbara in May.

Gun rights advocates say such laws can violate people’s constitutional rights.

  • Godly Republican

    This is the new normal in Obama’s America sheeple, wake up! We are being distracted with fake news stories like the World Cup so they can sneak this by us. This was obviously planned in advance!

    We are in the last days Americans. The anti-Christ is obviously our own beloved president. I a sure the NSA has a file on me because I know too much!

    They are coming to take our guns and we must stand up to them. This is foretold in the Bible in Matthew 24:6 “there shall be wars and rumors of wars and there will be earthquakes”.

    The battle of Armageddon is near. And we will need our guns to fend off the evil forces of Satan. Store food for you family.

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    God bless America.

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    • Progressive1

      Hey Godly, you must have drank too much blood of Christ at church. People with mental issues or problems in the home should not possess firearms. Lend your guns to a friend if you are paranoid about the NSA, you could hurt somebody with those.

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      • Harryj

        It is idiots like you that obuma likes. He can mold you to do or believe anything he says. You apparently cannot see past your nose to observe what is taking place in the United States. Gun control is one of the main items to get enforced in order to completely take over a nation. It worked real well for Hitler, Castro, Stalin and many other countries who have dictators like obama wants to be. My suggestion for you is to move to a nation where there is strict gun control.

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      • Godly Republican

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        • unbelievable

          So your god will not forgive him even if he repents? Sounds legit.

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