NP Brothers Charged in Attack on Man

Two North Platte brothers are facing multiple charges after they allegedly attacked a man in his home.

At around 2:00 a.m., on July 14, North Platte Police responded to the report of a physical disturbance in the 900 block of North Hayes Avenue.

Upon arrival, officers found 45-year-old Jerry Houchin and his brother, 35-year-old Jeff Houchin, yelling at two females on the deck of the residence.

A 29-year-old male resident told officers that the Houchin brothers showed up at his house and began demanding that he come outside and fight.

When the he refused, the Houchins allegedly tried to force their way into the residence.

Officer Rodney Brown said Jeff’s girlfriend attempted to intervene and stop them from entering, but was unsuccessful.

Brown said the victim claimed the brothers then attacked him by choking him and punching him in the face.  Jeff’s girlfriend was also injured in the melee.

Following further investigation, officers determined that there was probable cause to arrest both men and charge them with felony strangulation, 2nd degree criminal trespassing, 3rd degree assault and disturbing the peace.

Jeff was also charged with 3rd degree domestic assault.  The charge was enhanced to a felony due to prior domestic assault convictions.

Both were jailed at the Lincoln County Detention Center.



  • upset fan

    This is funny. I am sad to see these boys in trouble yet again. Maybe the so called girl friend should really be called “wife”.

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  • ha

    They are seperated because of jeff’s anger problems. Maybe they should all lay off the alcohol.

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    • upset fan

      So any body who goes to the justice of the peace or in front of any pastor who says their vows become husband and wife. If they get in a fight and split up and not divorced yet doesn’t mean that you become girlfriend and boyfriend again. Or at least I was taught different.

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