NP Duo Busted with 80 Grams of Meth

Posted 11 months ago

By Scott Carlson

A man and woman from North Platte are in jail on felony charges after they were busted with a large quantity of methamphetamine on Friday night.

At around 8:00 p.m., on July 11, an officer with the North Platte Police Department observed a black Dodge Durango driving in the area of 6th Street and Adams Street.

The officer had learned earlier that the vehicle may be displaying fictitious Colorado in-transit tags.

The officer followed the vehicle to a residence in the 1200 block of West 6th Street, and made contact with two subjects, 27-year-old Sheena Strand and 30-year-old Ross Rivera, as they exited the vehicle.

When asked about the plate, Strand and Rivera claimed that they found it and put it on the Durango.

Additionally, the officer detected the odor of burning marijuana emitting from the vehicle.  Strand and Rivera admitted that they had smoked it earlier in the day.

During a subsequent search of the vehicle and personal items, the officer discovered drug paraphernalia commonly used to smoke marijuana and methamphetamine, and a large self-sealing clear baggie containing approximately 80 grams of a powdery substance that field tested positive for methamphetamine.

Both Strand and Rivera were transported to the Lincoln County Detention Center and charged with felony possession of methamphetamine-more than 28 grams, and felony distribution of methamphetamine.

Strand was also cited for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

  • sheena-ur-nasty!

    awww maybe russ jones can get her out of this one!!! HAHAHAHA OR NOT!

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  • Geez

    No, he will. North Platte has a bad history of letting these meth heads run free. She will just roll over like Kimmie Marie Spotts.

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  • here we go again,,,,

    lord shes probably been bailed out by now, she knows what pickle to tickle,,,

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  • donttalktrash!

    You all need to get a life and stop with the negativity! I bet none of u have even EVER had a conversation with Strand. You repeat the dumb rumors that you hear which makes u a fool and your jealousy is shining right through your words. Get a life and a job and find something better to do please

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    • puke

      Jealousy???? Please explain what there is to be jealous about?? Strand is an ugly person…may have been beautiful at one time on the outside but has always been ugly on the inside. Her being a hoe …isn’t a rumor. Her being on drugs isn’t a rumor. Her sleeping with a man no matter if he is married or not…isn’t a rumor. So what rumors are people saying??? Oh maybe the rumor of her being a good mom….yes hun that really is a rumor because we all know that isn’t true. Hopefully, there will be a nice cozy place for her in York.

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    • donttalktrash! is wack!! lol

      80 grams of meth is not a rumor. Buh Bye Sheena. You will be in the pen for a while this time. Not sure what anyone could be jealous of? Must be another meth head because no one with ANY common sense would say anything so outlandish!!

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      • whenwillitend

        It is hard on her family to see and hear all this trash talk! Think of her kids(which she doesn’t have) that have to live with no mother! No I don’t feel sorry for her, she made her bed!

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        • HUH

          she does that huh!!!!!!!!!!!!! does she care???

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        • reality check

          Her kids have NEVER had a mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Ralph Mouth

    Ross, Ross, Ross, perhaps you should check into which one of your good buddies turned you in. Karma.

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  • in 4 a long time

    Don’t think she’s getting bonded out. Don’t see anyone forking out 10 to lose it

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  • Ralph Mouth

    Do initials MM sound familiar Ross?

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      Marshall Mathers?

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