Veterans Receive New Nebraska Driver’s Licenses

dave-heinemanBELLEVUE, Neb. (AP) — Four veterans have received Nebraska’s new state licenses with a “veteran” designation from Gov. Dave Heineman.

The licenses are among the first issued under a new law approved last year. Those who were given new licenses on Wednesday included veterans from World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Veterans who want the designation on their driver’s license or state identification card must first contact the Nebraska Department of Veterans’ Affairs to register. Once they’re registered, the designation can be added to their card at renewal time with no additional fee. State law requires a fee for a replacement license if they want the designation at any other time.

  • c69101

    I refuse to have this placed on my license, the author of this original bill suggested this could be used for a police officer pulling you over, so they would know if you had ptsd and were “potentially” dangerous. Fellow veterans, boycott this option!

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  • NoBigGovDuh

    What is the purpose of this except to try and gain political favor?

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