Beatrice 6 Member Could Receive More Damages

gavel-and-scaleOMAHA, Neb. (AP) — In its attempt to overturn damages awarded to two people wrongly convicted in a 1985 murder, Nebraska could end up paying more to one of them.

JoAnn Taylor and James Dean were among six people wrongfully convicted in the rape and murder of Helen Wilson.

State prosecutors appealed the $500,000 awarded to Taylor, who spent nearly 20 years in prison, and the $300,000 awarded to Dean, behind bars more than five years, arguing they weren’t eligible to collect damages because they perjured themselves by confessing.

On Friday, the Nebraska Supreme Court upheld Taylor’s award, but reversed Dean’s, saying the trial judge improperly based Dean’s smaller award on the fact that he had spent less time in prison than Taylor. It ordered the lower court to recalculate Dean’s award.